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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks Pregnancy Facts
By Mel Paterson

Becoming pregnant marks the start of a wonderful and exciting new phase is a woman's life. All the ups and downs that you will experience will culminate in the amazing gift of bringing a new life into the world, and you will learn and grow in ways you never thought possible. What a terrible twist of fate it is that this wonderful time in your life can leave you a nasty little souvenir: Stretch Marks.

Stretch marks are caused when the skin is stretched too rapidly to properly repair itself, leaving those silver, streaky marks. These marks can occur during periods of rapid weight gain or loss, hormonal changes, periods of rapid growth such as puberty, or the number one cause, pregnancy.

To deal with stretch marks during pregnancy, you have a few options. There is surgery, the infamous tummy tuck. While this is very effective, it will only deal with marks on the stomach or lower abdomen, is very expensive, painful, and can be dangerous.

There is laser treatment, which is slightly cheaper, but can also be painful and dangerous, and the results can be varied. There is also the risk of worsening the scarring or causing tissue deep tissue damage.

The best bet for dealing with stretch marks during pregnancy is topical treatments. Some new products on the market are very effective at reducing the appearance of stretch marks, as these products work deep in the dermis to boost the production of collagen, the skin's natural repairing compound. These creams also work brilliantly as a preventative, and this is by far the most effective way to deal with stretch marks.

With products like Trilastin, Stretta and Revitol, apply multiple times daily throughout pregnancy, and also keep up a strict moisturising regime with a deep skin moisturiser such as cocoa butter, warmed olive oil or calendula oil. Combine this with a good diet with lots of green leafy vegetables and plenty of water, and you'll be well on your way to preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

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