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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stretch Renew Stretch Mark Cream

How Does Stretch Renew Stretch Mark Cream Work?
By Brian Alexis

Stretch Renew Stretch Mark Cream, distributed by Spa Sentiments, is a skin rejuvenator that puts back the essential proteins back into weary, damaged skin. The proteins are carried directly into the skin tissue through the ultra-efficient base called Emu oil.

It's Not a Miracle Product
Stretch Renew Stretch Mark Cream is not a miracle product; it does not work in days or in a few weeks. In fact, the time frame proposed by Spa Sentiments is between 60 days to 120 days (that's 2 months to 4 months). Don't expect miracles especially with skin treatments; because the skin is generally slow to respond because that's the way, it is. The good news is that the company is offering a guarantee that allows you to use the product until the supply per jar runs out.

For All Types of Skin
Whether you're Hispanic, African or American, Stretch Renew Cream works fantastically on all types of skin. According to the company website, the younger the skin the more quickly it would be able to respond to the treatment. This is because less of the biological proteins are required to heal or repair the skin tissue itself. If more proteins are required to be transported deep into the skin tissue, the time frame becomes longer.

Stretch Renew Cream can also help prevent the occurrence of stretch marks if you begin the treatment early on. If you've been mostly overweight throughout your life and you decide to lose a lot of weight, chances are you would develop stretch marks. This cream can help prevent the stretch marks by strengthening the skin even before the onset of stretch marks. By making the skin more elastic, you save yourself from semi-permanent damage to the dermis.

Deviating From the Many
You may have noticed that many creams use deionized water as a base. This is not the case for the Stretch Renew Stretch Mark Cream. In fact, the product page was quick to remind all its readers that this cream was not combined with water at all. This is because water has a diluting effect especially on chemical compounds that have something to do with skin. So instead of using water, the manufacturer used aloe vera gel. This makes the product very concentrated indeed. A small amount would actually be worth more than other creams when smeared on.

The Ingredients
Some of the ingredients in the Stretch Renew Stretch Mark Cream include:
o Emu oil
o Aloe vera gel
o Collagen
o Elastin
o Vitamin E
o Vitamin K1
o Lecithin (liposomes)
o Glycolic acid
o Vitamin A
o Coenzyme Q10
o Grape seed extract
o Vitamin B

As was mentioned before, Emu oil is used as the main transporting medium for the two types of protein collagen and elastin. Collagen is the main protein responsible for making the skin strong and elastic. The same goes for elastin. Vitamin E has been used for a long time to protect the cell membranes of the body from damage from free radicals. Glycolic acid is used to exfoliate the skin.

Brian Alexis is an online medical researcher on hair and skin. Brian has completed 15 stretch mark cream reviews included of Revitol Reviews. To learn more, visit Brian's site: Stretch Mark Cream 2009 now.

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